Monday, 1 May 2017

Dreamz Bakery & Cafe, The Strand, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

One of my best friend called me up for a sudden meet up on a working night.
So, I went.

Chose a cake to taste while we wait for our mains to arrive.
The Cempedak Pandan.

Pandan sponge cake with Cempedak cream and some crushed nuts on the outer perimeter.
 Overall the cake is fine, the cream is packed with a Cempedak punch.

Sausage and Mushroom Waffle.

A waffle base topped with lettuce, one sausage (halved)  and a variety of mushrooms topped with a flowing yolk egg  and Hollandaise sauce.

 The waffle is soft and malleable, easily combined together with the other components to be eaten in one bite.
The sausage is not the typical sausage that we buy in the frozen section of the supermarket. Which is good.
The mushroom was nice.
The egg was done well.
Overall a very nice combination.

pretty small though.
Sweet toast with ice-cream.

Slightly toasted bread with a frozen earl grey ice-cream topped with strawberries and toasted honey oats (or muesli? I may be wrong)

I wished that the toast was a little more crunchier and flavorful.
The ice-cream taste wise is fine but I would wish for the texture (when frozen) to be more creamier and less like a sorbet.
Overall a nice combination, but can be better.

Pricing (before gst):
Cempedak Pandan Cake              RM12.90
Sausage Mushroom Waffle          RM19.90
Toast with Earl Grey Ice-cream   RM18.90

It is located opposite the left wing of the Strand, 1st floor.

Verdict: Can Try.

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