Friday, 25 September 2015

Tanoshii Dezato, Tropicana City Mall

I was scrolling an app and came upon this dessert, since it was something different from the usual snack and dessert around my area, I wanted to try it. So, I bought it and at the same time, went for a movie after.

Left: red bean filling with green tea ice-cream and a strawberry. Right: custard filling with vanilla ice-cream and a few pieces of canned peach.

They would make it when you order it, so the fish pastry is definitely freshly made.

This was what I chose since there was no sesame ice-cream available then. :/

It's kind of small for me, but it was a nice size to hold on to.

Overall this is something refreshing, taste was nice and it looks very pretty.
If it was on promotion (RM 12 for 2) again I would definitely have it again but since the usual price for one is RM 12.80, I think I may not go for it.

They are located neaby Shilin and Aeon Wellness, beside MBG, the same level as Aeon BIG.

Rating: Can Try

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