Friday, 18 September 2015

Haraju Cube, Empire Damansara

I went to this cafe lately for a belated celebration for my friend. :)

So here are a few kinda nice pictures of the stuff we ordered that day.

Coffee milk with a butter cookie.
It's a cold nice gentle milk tasting of milk with some coffee.

Caramel honey cube.

The bottom and center it a soft butter almost croissant like texture bread loaf loaded with plenty of whipped cream and heavy cream. (I think)

Topped with a vanilla ice-cream (maybe it's caramel, I kinda forgot..), caramel drizzles, a slight powder of icing sugar with brittle honey comb pieces.

and here is a macro shot of the best part.

The cube was nice too, especially when you take some of each component into one bite. My favourite part would be the ice-cream and the honey comb individually but for the best taste (in my opinion) would be to have a little of everything in one bite with a bigger piece of bread as the base.
The honey comb is much softer (still very crunchy), loaded with flavours compared to the usual honey comb we get in a crunchie bar.

If you have a sweet tooth, I bet you would love it.
If you don't have a sweet tooth, I would recommend going here with a few more friends before your meal to finish the whole cube.
My friend and I had our breakfast that Satuday morning before going here for some dessert, so we ended up finishing half of the cube, but we finish the milk! Sadly, both of us favour salty food more, so the rest was wasted. :/

Overall, I would visit this place again to taste the other cubes. :)
They have salty ones too, but I would try out the other sweet ones first.

They are located on the first floor, closer to the hotel, opposite of Damasara Performing Arts Center, above Texas Chicken.

Rating: Go Try

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