Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I found a pleasant surprise in my Messages..

So I got a SMS sometime ago:

I meant the one at the bottom.
 I must say I was pleasantly surprise that a message number that would usually alert me of on-going promotions would say that I would be given something totally free. :D

And so, I went and got it.

So this was the box given.
A Collection's Makeup Beauty Box.
and these were in the box.
Full sizes of a eyeliner, a concealer and a lip gloss

I just wanted to share this with you all since it was free and I appreciate it (I was looking forward to a eyeshadow though but this is good).

Seeing this makes me happy.

On a side note, I'm don't know why I got this and I'm not quite sure whether it's really free or not or it was an accumulation of something I bought and they would like to give me something as a thank you gift or it's a gift with purchase- I don't know for sure. Maybe it's just a marketing strategy. BUT I like this, keep them coming companies. :)

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