Thursday, 23 April 2015

Diverted myself and stared at the computer screen for 3 hours..

NOBODY likes a lazy person, even yourself. Nobody wants to see the laziness that you are, you are not motivating (inspiring) the person seeing this and thus being useless to them, to yourself. So if you want to put yourself out there and want people to notice you, what you are doing? why don't you start being hardworking? stop procrastinating and diverting yourself to other things that does not concern you as much as the assignment that you need to make progress in, the articles that you want to read, your dairy waiting to be filled out and your blog that is in need of a nice update. (you do remember what you said you want to write and talk about in your previous blog post don't you?)

Consistency is really really important, you don't want the hard work you put in in the beginning to be in vain when you start to slow down in the middle and the back. It does not bring the best out of your project and yourself.

Now do yourself a favour and get out of facebook and youtube and to your butter papers and your in-progress beautiful diagrams.

It is all about putting in constant effort, making progress that nothing unfolds into something amazing.

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