Friday, 4 April 2014

What should I do here?

Should I have a daily-weekly post with a certain theme? or should I just blog about things randomly? I know no one actually reads the stuff I write here but I'm kind of okay with it as long I can write it somewhere and be publish in this manner.


It's the second week of my 14 weeks course and I'm already overly worried about my work. D: I don't really know why I always do that but I always do that. I don't really know what I should think then to take it away.

I drank too much Chinese tea so right now I'm still awake but still alright.

I'm going to go to site again tomorrow morning! Maybe I'll get to eat some awesome famous beef noodles there.. hehe...

As you all may know, I love eating and eating has been a way for me to feel better in a lot of situations. So, because of my indulgence, I had gained weight to a new record. I don't really know what always creates the urge to eat but I know when I am stressed, I'll eat. :]

Maybe I'll come out with a proper strategy after my week 3 submission for studio.

Working with new people with different methods is really hard to adjust in such a short time. :/ I hope they are alright with me.

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