Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hey! Right now I am procrastinating from reading all the readers that I need to do. :[
I have something similar to a headache right now but instead of my head, it's my eyes.
I don't know whether it is because I was too near to the screen or these glasses are the ones. It just feels so uncomfortable to wear them right now. :[
I should be productive, but I constantly want to eat something even though I am not hungry. :[

I know I should be optimistic about the free time I have right now but the urge of going downstairs to buy some food is really really strong and I just don't know what I can do right now apart from doing this (yes, blogging) to distract me from getting the food that I should not get because the weight that I am in right now is the heaviest that I had ever been and it is not healthy AT ALL to be in this position.

I know I write a lot of redundant things but I don't know what else I should write.


Ever since I had ended my temporary contract with Fuji Xerox as a data key-in person, my eyes has since feel very uncomfortable about the distance of things that I can see clearly, as I had been facing the computer for 8 hours a day every weekday for 2 months and 2 weeks during my semester holiday. :[

If I had a choice I would not want to join them. I rather do something that helps me improve myself than to key in data after data of similar things. :/

I am using the school's computer right now, so I can't post a image for this post, and I know you guys rather look at a picture than to read whatever I had written here.. haha... Oh well....

I feel a little better right now after all the words I had written here... :]

Thank you for reading.

Oh, my semester has commenced.. again.. yes...
Happy studying and going to uni.....

btw, I am quite active on Instagram so do follow me if you want to follow me in Instagram..
my id is 'margaretlml'
Have a great day!

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