Saturday, 25 May 2013

Procrastination has taken it's toll on me.

Okay. Here I go.

I am having a one week break from all my semester's classes and tutorial. This week was supposed to be a week of assignments completion since I have 3 submission simultaneously (3 consecutive days- that is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) after this week. I thought that I can rest before I start my work, BUT the rest has taken a toll on me. I'm chilling most of the time and since my laptop is in repair, I can't go anywhere else to do my work (not that I want to either- I love to make excuses for my behaviour but this habit of mine has soaked deep into my skin).

Now, there is barely 2 days left till school start but I am nowhere near finish. Even knowing the fact that the possibility of finishing my work ahead of time (or even on time) is really REALLY low, I wanted to write this post and get this fact hammered into my head.

If you do not do it now, then when? When is your submission date? If you realised that you could not finish your work on time does not mean you get to rest because the deadline is tomorrow and you still have a lot that needs to be done. You know that if you can't be on time you should try to pass it up as closest to the time of submission as possible. So slacking is not an option. You should know better.

And if you need to be a few days late for your work then a few days then. It is better than a week! At least you had tried to fix what you had done before and did not use this excuse of "the time frame is too short for myself to finish the work on time" BLAH enough is enough. Suck it up. If you are going to lose SO much sleep, you should. It is better than to face the past decisions that you had made with shame- which caused yourself your own future. Not forgetting the disappointment that you would see and feel from your parent's faces.

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