Sunday, 26 May 2013

Happy 5th Aniversary SHINee!

and by the time I am done with this post it would be the 26th already.

But still I will write about it!

Happy 5th Aniversary SHINee! *hands shaping a heart*

this is a photo from I had. It was taken from tumblr.
This is a group photo from their latest album!
This was used to promote part I of the album which is called The Misconception of You.

I love you guys! Hopefully I can say forever but what I can say now is I am a fan of yours ever since 2010.

I had first seen them on Astro AEC channel (or 8tv but I am pretty sure it was AEC) which is now channel 301. They were broadcasting their Love Like Oxygen MV which was produced in 2008. Take a look below.

There is something wrong with the audio in the MV, so I'd placed the dance version below so that you can hear it properly. :D

Dance Version.

I do not know how to enlarge the size of the video, so I'll leave it at this size and I'll look on how to enlarge it in the future.

I remember I was still in high school when I saw them for the first time. What really caught me then was Jonghyun's (the guy in gold) looks. He looked really different from all the guys I had seen (that was then of course). He was not in my good-looking list but he looks really different (I would not say he is ugly). He was somehow looked like a young guy trying to be buff. He looked similar to Key (the guy in pink) to me then. I don't know why but now, I can really distinguish them.

The others just looked really weird to me and the song was different from the ones I heard (then). They were not good looking. They just look really weird then.

I did not know who they were and did not know that was k-pop (korean pop. just in case you do not know what I am talking about), I did not even know they were Korean. What was a hit then in Malaysia was Chinese pop, English and some Thai pop. After that, they were just placed behind my mind (since I still can recall it now). :]

But after my graduation from my Canadian Pre-U (2010) I was having my break before I decide on which pathway I would like to go towards. That was when I was into K-pop.

I came across this youtube link shared by one of my friends in facebook saying it was really funny OR the link was introduced to my by my younger sis since we both knew this girl because she was mu younger sister's good friend.

I was having a difficult time then so I wanted to cheer myself up then. So, I decided to watch it. :D

I was drawn to this good looking guy called Nickhun which was a Thai in a k-pop group called 2pm (which is in the video). The variety show that they were in was really interesting. I did not know Korean guys are really close to the point where they were really touchy. Haha, not that I was drawn to that point, it was really weird for me then. But they made me laugh and it was interesting. Soon enough, I was a fan of 2pm because that variety was focused mainly on them and they were really charismatic.

But then there was some bad news about 2pm. The 2pm's leader, Jay Park was bashed very badly for some misinterpreted english posting of his in myspace by the korean's netizen. So he decided to leave the group. I may be wrong in the info I get but what I know is this much. Jay Park was the many reasons that I became a fan of 2pm. When he left, I slowly drifted apart from 2pm.

That was when I found SHINee! Variety shows in Korea was something big then and I found this variety show that was focused on Shinee. It was called Mnet Shinee's Yunhanam. It was about them five being picked by the guest lady(which is older than them since their first single was Replay that was about falling in love with an older women).

Scrap that, I think it was Hello Baby instead. I don't really remember what as I can remember I watched this first. hehe. I know a lot about them and read a lot about them but still I have much to know about. :D Since my time should not be focused only on them and uni started (which is currently the hardest part of my life).

My goodness. I realised I can go on and on and on about them. When will I end this post?! I should save some for another post and I do not think people would read all the way here. hehe. This blog post more as a reminder for myself anyway. But people who read through this would know more about me and the things I write about?

You can click here and be directed to Shinee's Wikipedia. It is quite a amount of information there and you can google more on the shows and songs and etc. there to see why I am a fan? :]

Anyway, I had been a loyal fan since then. I would elaborate more on what I think about each of them but that would take a long time.

I am and still am and I hope they are happy and well in what they are doing. Hopefully when I have the ability to earn my own money, I would but every album into my collection. :]

I love you!

LOL. I did not know my writing is a little choppy. hehe. I didn't want to think too much writing this post. :]

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