Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I'd been reading a few political articles..

regarding this coming 13th General Election.

What will happen if BN wins again and what will happen if DAP wins?

Michelle Yeoh did not know what is going on in Malaysia itself and she is asking the crowd to vote for BN from hearing what some people said? 

BN had another 5 years to prove that it would serve Malaysia's citizen well but now they are using all kinds of tactics to try to win the votes for now. So if they are given another 5 more years will they keep doing what they are doing in these few months. Will they do what they promised? Will we really have a united Malaysia? Without discrimination to the each others races?

I do not really read up on politics and I do not know what is written by the press is true or not as they are controlled by a certain party. I am not saying what they write is not true but I do not trust the information broadcasted.

Before the existence of the internet, the citizens had been very supportive of the current ruling party but after that, our eyes were open, there were so much more that were not written in the newspaper.

I do not know voting for which party would be better but I know that the current ruling party is not doing it well to the point where a lot of citizens are not happy about it.

So vote for who you think you would want to govern for the next 5 years. I could not vote because I registered too late.


I would need to wait for another 5 years to vote..

Hopefully after the general election everything would be okay. 
Please no May 13 again please...

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