Friday, 8 March 2013

Practicum 2: Week #3.

Time really flies, I was already on the 3rd week and there is still so much to do for the 3D....

Anyway, here are Week 3 photos:

We had one of our lunch here! :D


The You Tiao here is really crispy! So when you soak it in your soup it still stays really crunchy. I like it crunchy!

This is the soft bone portion. I thought the soft bone would be edible.. but I was wrong.. the dish is quite shallow too..

We came across a bubble tea lorry! :D yay! There isn't anything like this there @ Glenmarie..

This is roasted milk tea with grass jelly.. In my opinion, Chatime's one is still better when it is brew well..

It's a new stall! look at the prices! It is relatively cheaper than all those that are in the market!
In my opinion, the Otea has the nicest design!

Wee! I got a new phone cover!

It's 3D! So I can print the miao pattern where ever I like..
It was almost Chinese New Year then and the boss treated us to lunch on the second last day of work! :D



The boss allowed us to leave at 3 pm on the last day of work! Woohoo! But we need to finish up some parts of it and pass it to the seniors.. So I ended up leaving at around 4 pm..


It was 2 days before Chinese New Year on that Friday and I was going to pick up my aunt's family from somewhere near Citta Mall.. So while waiting, I bought some Wondermilk!

I got the latte set with the caramel kiss which cost RM 10.
After picking my Aunt, we went back home for our reunion dinner. Sorry, no pictures for that.. but here is a picture of my cute little niece:

So cute! X)

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