Monday, 18 March 2013

Bulbogi House, The Strand, Kota Damansara.

I had been to this shop since it first started its business here in KD. We were really fans of them then as the portion and prices are really nice for us and the food was nice too.. But as time went by they stop using the sticky rice and the prices has increased a few times so we do go there once in awhile..
Wohoo! What I get when I order a single set. Side dishes, kimchi stew with pork fillet, dessert and rice.

sweet rice drink. it was nice.
if you order much more with another person there would be more variety and you can refill them (but I don't know how many times you can refill now..)

My favourite dish here!

the rice in macro. :D


seafood pancake.

It was really nice too!
I really like this place and if I had more allowance I would go there more frequently.. haha..
Lately they renovated the place where the outdoor space has been enclosed and the whole area has air-conditioning and added in the exhaust fan above which would be use when you eat grilled food..

An single set is about RM 13 (if I am not mistaken)

As you enter into the Strand via the bank row, you can turn left, straight to the next turning right, you can see Bulbogi House on your left when you can see another turning right.

I'll rate this a 3.8 our of 5 for taste. :D

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