Monday, 4 February 2013

Chong Kok Kopitiam, Klang.

So, we decided to go to Klang for some food after church on a Sunday Morning.
My family actually came to this place a few weeks ago for the first time. My mum found it by chance.
So yeah...
Here we go..

This is a view looking out to the entrance of the shop. It was around 11 am then..

This is the second entrance you would go through to go to another section of the shop.
The last section of the shop.

It was nice to look dine at an old shop lot once in a while. It has a comfortable atmosphere in a way, apart from the amount of people dining at the place..

It was a long shop.
Here, they share tables due to the limited seats and also the friendly people that goes to the restaurant. (I'm guessing this.. :D)

The Menu! Need I say more?

The Chinese name of the shop.

The kitchen where they make the drinks, toasts and eggs.

The coffee is really really good!


roti bakar. thumbs up!

Kopi (coffee), Nasi Lemak and Telur (half- boiled eggs).

I like taking macro photos. :D
Look at how cooked they are.. P:

This is the wholemeal bread toast.

Butter on top, kaya at the bottom.

Nasi Lemak with sambal sotong!

Rojak with tofu cucumber and prawn crackers (not the chips type, the kuih type.. :D).

Coffee stains! The coffee is really nice!

This shop has a mix of culture in them, you can see people coming in and out of this shop, the kind where EVERYONE can eat and enjoy there.

The shop basically sells what is on the board (as you can see at the 4th picture) but there are 2 stalls set up right outside the shop entrance itself. One sells nasi lemak and the other fried mee, fried prawn crackers, curry puffs, tofu and other fried food. Both stalls are sells food to the shop inside. So apart from the common breakfast of eggs and toasts, you can order nasi lemak and some rojak for your meal.

I am not sure about the price of the nasi lemak but for the tofu and the fried prawn crackers that I ate, they were RM 1.80 altogether, so it should be around RM 0.60 per piece. They would cut it up for you and pour some chilli sauce on it.

There is also chicken rendang sold with the nasi lemak but it was sold out before we could get ours.

I did see some cakes sold opposite the counter and some Chinese new year food at the side of the counter too but I did not try any. :(

I may have missed out something but still it is a nice experience. :D

I do not know how to show a location of the shop from my phone since I had saved the location on my phone. Until I know how to transfer them, I will try to explain how to get there I guess.. :D

The shop is located very near the train station. From the road I had used to go to the place, we pass through a small road under the flyover to this area where we go down hill, turning right would lead you to another area. Going straight down the road, you would see the train station on your left. Continue to move forward until you see a few rows of shop houses right in front of the main entrance of the train station. You would see the shop on your right.
They have a yellow signboard, similar to the cup you can see in the above pictures.

I'll give them a 4 out of 5. :) This place is really worth trying!

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