Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crayon Burger, SS15.

So, my sister found out that there was a new burger restaurant around a week or so ago..
We were hoping for something like BurgerLab so we went and tried it the last public holiday, which was last Thursday.

It was around 6pm when we arrived.

wall to ceiling paintings inside the shop.

part of a huge painting.

another part of it. :D

Eruption of rainbow! in this case, crayon!
I did not take that much picture of the interior but the interior is mostly in white to bring out the art (I think). There is a chalkboard that shows the menu and you can see the whole kitchen from the counter.

The kitchen seems too big for them. just saying. :D

Bottomless soft drinks!
The ice lemon tea tasted weird that day.. I don't know why..

Zombie Burger!


Peanut Butter Bacon Burger!

I wasn't having this but the person said it was nice.

Cheese Fondue Burger!

There's tortilla chips and extra cheese sauce in them.

Rainbow Burger! The bread colour was supposed to be random but since we were the was no crowd then, they allowed us to choose the colour of it. :D

The fries! 
A bunch of coloured buns!
I had the cheese fondue burger and it was really messy.
How it looks like from the outside!

It was RM 15 average (I think) for the burger and an addition of RM 5 for a set- bottomless drink and fries.

Truthfully speaking, I was not keen on trying this shop even when I saw the colourful burger bread even though they say it is natural colouring.
I don't really know how it is coloured. 

So, I don't really have a good impression of the shop so I would not say that I am not biased. :D

Anyway, back to the food tasting.
The burger bread tasted a little like the sweetie bread that is usually sold in the normal grocery stores that has chocolate, kaya, coconut, red bean and etc. flavours.
The patty did not hold itself (for me) when I was eating it, so a lot of the meat fell onto the basket.
The fries wasn't that nice, it was okay.

The interior atmosphere is okay I guess, but it feels like it needs a little bit more finishing I guess..
The acoustics of the shop isn't good as you can hear the sound of someone laughing out loud ringing throughout the shop.
I would suggest them to add some acoustic panels to make it much more comfortable.
Being totally white isn't pleasant for the eyes.

The customer service is not really nice. The people who took our order seems like college students and I would prefer my order to be taken in a more proper manner. They were not polite then.

Ever since the first kind of burger restaurant that I known of and been to, which is BurgerLab, a lot of this sort restaurant kept popping out like burger junkyard and now crayon burger. 

So, I would like to compare them:

Ahem, first of all, based on size and the compactness you get from a set meal, I would say:
 BurgerLab > Crayon  Burger> Burger Junkyard.

BurgerLab > Burger Junkyard > Crayon Burger


BurgerLab and Crayon Burger is around the same price and Burger Junkyard is cheaper. Burger Junkyard is around RM 14. (If I am not mistaken)

I have not been to Burger Junkyard so I could not rate them on the other criteria. My sister bought Burger Junkyard for me then since I did not have the time to go out then.

BurgerLab > Crayon Burger.

The lighting in BurgerLab is comfortable but the lighting in Crayon Burger has too much glare.

Customer Service,
BurgerLab > Crayon Burger.

Crayon Burger did not give me a good impression and thus the results. I am not saying they are not good but they have a lot to improve on but you should give it a try. :)

Do not let a bad comment deprive you from trying out something new. This is my own opinion after all.

This is one of the paintings in there and this was my favourite one. :D
I instagram-ed this..

I wanted to instagram this but I did not.. It wasn't as nice as I thought it would be...

This one made it into instagram! :D

The shop is located at the same row as canai and it is right behind the pasar building.

I'll give this a 2.3 out of 5.

p/s. sorry for the unprofessional-ism. :D I'm sure you come here for the pictures?


  1. Is burger lab that awesome?

  2. Haha.. It is good but I wouldn't say super awesome. :D just a comparison that's all..

  3. Its rather unprofessional of you to use such names. Even though its a personal opinion, I think its best you do not mention names like that..just saying! :) Been to BurgerLab & Junkayrd, they're both awesome in their own ways...gonna head over to crayon's soon!

  4. names? as in the comparison? if so, thanks for the tip! :D I think so too.. but I was kinda of lazy to edit it so I just posted it.