Sunday, 30 December 2012


Not long ago, my sister came back from a trip to Norway and UK.


She brought back lots and lots of food!

Original form.

One of them was kakao, which means cocoa in their language (if I am not mistaken, but lots of places uses this word too so I am not too such about it myself).

Yes. I am blogging about the hot dark chocolate drink that my sister brought back from Norway.
It was nice. You can taste how chocolaty it was and some bitterness in that few seconds of flowing from your mouth into you throat. It was something different and it was nice.


After adding Instagram's Brannan filter.

The picture looks nicer/ classier with this filter. :D

You can look up 'margaretlml' for my instagram. :)
I may post up more of these before and after effects if you are interested.

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