Thursday, 29 November 2012

myBurgerLab, Seapark.

If you do not know where Seapark it, it is the neighbourhood next to SS2.

A failed panaromic view of the interior.
Was trying out the new iOS 6 then. The map was a failure.

Yes. the queue starts from the door.
The counter with the chalk menu (zoom in to see the pricing?).
 They would ask for your name and they will call your name when your order is ready.
yes. There is 3 'your' in this one sentence. D:
Remember to show your student id card for a 10% discount.

Behind the masonry wall (at the far end) is the basin and in front of it is the bottomless drinks dispensers. 

This is what you get when you order it as a set. :D

Putin burger? It was the burger of the day. It has a hash brown and another type of cheese I think. I don't really remember. 

Ahaha.. Yes it was really nice...

Dill chips!

I must say if the burger did not fill you up, the fries would. Not forgetting drinking all the drinks till you are satisfied.

The A+ burger! It has some mushrooms and cheese sauce in it.

What is seen from the outside. You can see a small chalk board at the right hand side of the entrance.
The burger and fries were really nice.
The bottomless drink really makes you feel happier.

But the waiting time is quite long.. 30 minutes at least? We were there at around 5:15 pm?
So it's better for you to have some company with you..

There are very limited seats also, so come with someone so that one can queue, one can look and reserve the seats and one can park in peace.

There is always a limit of parking places everywhere so it would take some time depending on the density of people driving there?

They are situated on a slope near a pet shop.
At night, there would be a stall opened along the road.
If you are at the t-junction coming from SS2, turn right and go to the end and turn right again and you can see myBurgerLab at the end of the slop?

The shop is not really easy to spot so go slow and scan properly.

I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. (not considering the waiting time)

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