Thursday, 15 November 2012

I'm almost 21.

And I am thinking/ wondering what am I doing with my life?
People are already making a living (as in earning $$) or they had started off with what they really want to do in their life when they are twenty years old.


But why put people's standard(s)/ compare yourself to others?
and why not?

I guess people have it differently, most probably their family background, whether their parents/ parent/ guardian/ maybe even living without any of them that pushes them to the route that they would take and find out what is at the end of the road.

Some people are lucky enough and some are not but all the results that comes out of it is the amount of effort placed in it.

Maybe relation wise maybe you have a uncle/ someone that could bring you to another level of what you want to do but speaking up, starting up by asking would be the effort. I think every route has their difficulties in it.

I don't think everyone has it easy, not all the time, if they do, maybe what they had achieved would not last, unless they put in the necessary effort for it to maintain or even improve it.

... and being smart would be a bonus.

Just some random thoughts. : )

At one part or another of your life would be the catalyst for the rest of your life.

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