Monday, 21 May 2012


It's been awhile since I've blog again. :D

Anyway, I'm having my mid semester break now and.. and.. and... I'm still sleep deprived and it's already 1 am.

Plenty of assignments to do as usual and I've wanted to post some pictures but sadly they are not on this computer and therefore I would not go through the trouble of connecting to my phone or transfer it from the other com and so, there would not be any photos for this post I guess.

So do bare with me.

I've just bought a new laptop at the beginning of my semester and I've gotten a defected on from the Dell. How do I know for sure? the start up is slow, there is a bump of the cover, the screen is not sealed properly to the cover and etc.
And ever since then I've got it I've been contacting them again and again regarding this and if my phone did not erase the direct phone number of the person I would be calling her again and again. I guess she is lucky that my phone would erase after one week's call history (why can't I change the settings of this?!). And till now, it has been more than a month and I am still waiting for them to have the parts to make a new laptop.


Apart from that, the laptop's hard disk just failed last week. and even thought they would replace it the following day after I've called them, all the data inside the hard disk they would not help to retrieve it back because it is not in their job scope and Dell is not responsible for the data lost as their terms and condition has stated. I would need to spend RM 300 to retrieve all my semester's work out and the person is not even sure whether he can retrieve them all or not.

Do you know that the hard disk failed when I was going to have my studio's submission the next next day? All my data for this semester is all inside. Who knows that a computer which has just passed its first month would crash its hard disk as it's gift to me?

Oh well, as you can see I've made it through that season.

I'm not blaming the computer, I'm furious at the person who took my calls and the person who I've bought it from online WHO ARE INEFFICIENT. I don't know why they like to assure people but would only reply back after a few weeks. The person who I've bought it from won't even pick up my calls.

I really really hope that they would step it up. I think I should report them to the person they are under, with that I guess they would not fool around with their jobs anymore.


Sometimes you need to look at the brighter side.
who know this post would turn out like this.

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