Thursday, 24 May 2012

Goodbye laptop.

Oh well I think this would soon mark the end of me and my dell xps 15z.

I've contacted the fellow customer service person who was very very emotional, I don't know why he is getting so worked up on things he is not responsible with. He did not give any chance or in any other way for us to solve the matter in good terms. and it was early in the morning.

So my mum and I ended up with a decision that they had provided us as they do not not have any more stock on the i7 processor- which is to have the full refund back.

So we are still awaiting for the form for us to fill up to send back the computer which he said that he would send it the next day. I wonder when would they send it and when would they refund us back the money. You know, since this deal is off.

Btw, I had contacted them yesterday morning around 9- 10 am and the conversation was over in less than an hour.
Nothing was done over the conversation, but this assured us that the full refund is the only best alternative out of this.

Even though I would miss having a laptop to myself but at least I got back my full refund and so I can buy a new one (which is not going to be the same model!)

Why did we want the full refund back and not a replacement?

Because, I've been contacting them a few days after I've gotten the computer which was on the 5th of April and they have been dragging the replacement and only told me a few option on the 5th of May after I actually sort of scolded them and also when I told them that my hard disk just failed. The options were replacing it with an i5 with partial refund or they would fully refund my money as they do not have an i7 processor one.

I've asked them whether they can replace me with an i7 one since I did not want an i5 and I would like to have a proper laptop not another round of purchasing a new laptop.
She then replied me that the i7 processor parts (only) would arrive after 4-5 weeks on the 16th, adding up the assembling that would amount to maybe 2 months or more before I can get the new laptop and before I really get the proper laptop am I to use this computer that may crash any moment again? and also by the time I get my hands on the laptop this technology would be sort of out dated already.

I've been using photoshop and the a3 panels weren't heavy but the graphic card had failed plenty of times and I need to force close photoshop using the task manager every time and if I did not save it, that's my luck.

And if I really wait for the laptop to come, it would already be July or August. 4 months to the actual purchase date.

Look at how long it took them to reply an email. Offering a full refund to us is also in a way to end this case the easiest way for them and also the best option they are giving us.

This is really really REALLY disappointing. Dell and it's customer service team won but they have know lost customers. I don't think any of my family members would want to buy from Dell anymore.

This is really really a very horrible experience to the point where I do not want to deal with anymore customer service people.

I know maybe I am unlucky that I had gotten the '101' defected one but that does not mean that they can just simply drag the time for the replacement and waste us customer's time as if the time is on our side is not precious at all. They should immediately react on the issue and at least have it sealed in a month's time but they like to be rude and only contact you once using the phone and all the other time on email even when I've requested contacting me by call. I don't understand why they are called "customer care service" they should just be called "replacement process center".

Emails are not effective, calls are more earnest.

Awful customer service.
Awful Awful Awful.

I wonder how many customers they had they scared away for Dell? and how many cases had they solve successfully with happy customers?

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