Friday, 2 March 2012

It's Already March..



Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo
Yes, I was in Japan a week ago and we had visited Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo.


Just a picture of it now, I am considering whether or not I should do a full post on it still.. :D

Anyway, I am still having my holidays! around a month till my next semester... D:

My new phone has transferred to a hospital in Singapore in a short one months plus usage span.. :(
The technician in Mid Valley told me that they would replace it with a new one if they really find a problem with the phone...
They say to call back in a week or 2...
My Dad wasn't there but when I told him that I would only get back my whole in a few weeks he was a little furious and asked me why didn't I ask for something since you would not have your phone for a few weeks.. They are a big company and they would have do something if you've asked for it..

I personally never thought of that since my old phone was still working and I could still use it..
I would have asked since assuming the phone was in perfect condition when I had it I would not have to send it to Maxis to know you just need to restore it to factory settings so that your phone would react to incoming calls and you can receive and send out sms and calls and would not just lag there till you restart the phone.
But my phone went back to those old problems again and the camera was blinking and it would even go pitched black and lag there...
How much time I've spent of trying to fix this problem and not having to use my phone for a few weeks should be compensated.
Having these issues with my new iphone4s was not a nice experience at all and I would not want to buy another apple product until my disappointment fades away.

I wanted to do a few reviews on the apps I was using but I don't have my phone with me now.. :(

Oh well...

I was sick during CNY with tonsillitis and it continued for a whole week and when I was in Japan I was having fever on the second day and then running nose and till now cough.

tonsillitis was not a good experience at all.
you can't eat, sleep or drink. you can't even swallow your own saliva without being in very much pain.
you can't even speak.
the only time when I eat or drink is when I need to take my medicines.
and the cough I am having now has not shown much sign of recovery and I sound like an old lady when I cough. I can't speak like usual still..

Almost half of of my current 2012 life was being sick.
Hopefully this won't continue on..

okay.. that's all for now..
shall remind myself to write a dairy post on  something.
I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry.. why did it happen when I was in Japan?
I wish I wasn't in Japan then.
I'm really really sorry.
I don't know what else to say.

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