Sunday, 5 February 2012


I've taken these pictures quite some time ago...
BUT still worth blogging about! :D

and yes I would be showing pictures of marshmallows.
These were taken when we were having a family bbq..
I had the urge of putting the other pictures up but I think it's a little too much of pictures so only marshmallow now.



It's done!

crunchy outside, soft inside.

a tree. at my home. :D

a dinosaur


I know some of them are quite ugly but still I like them.. :D
I've bbq some marshmallow in my friend's home and they find it quite weird...
Seems like people are missing out awesome food!

It is really nice!
It's a must try if you're gonna have a bbq. :D
Get those that are cylinder shaped without any filling in it..
You will then get the best of a marshmallow. :D

I'm done with my first practicum!
Last Wednesday was the last day!
So I am having my holiday till the end of March!
Wohoo! :D

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