Friday, 20 January 2012

Package Accepted.

I've been waiting for it for quite some time.
Bought it from the apple online store on the 5th I think..

And it arrived. :D 13th Jan 2012
Just when I was reaching school.. 

From what I see it came from Singapore.

Properly packaged. :D

Nice? :D Temporary old iphone4 cover.
Since the buttons for the Iphone 4s are little lower, Iphone 4 covers are not compatible.
Luckily this is made our of rubber so can it still can be used. :D

Brings back memories about my old one.
So I sync it back and got all the old apps n pictures (yay!) in my phone..
BUT the pictures that I had taken before I sync my phone was all gone. :(
BUT my notes did not disappear. funny.

Here are some apps that I currently like to play with. :D

Snoopy Fair
Angry Gran
fb messenger and instagram isn't bad..
Cine apps kept force closing and
talk box could not sync to my facebook
and line is not working for me...
back to work?
If it is, don't let go. try.  please.

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