Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Resolution


I don't remember doing something like this for some time..


So here it is!

My New Year Resolution.

1. To be more decisive. Not to avoid questions and answer them after deciding properly.

2. To have a healthier lifestyle. Lesser internet and television to more outdoor sports and gatherings.

3. Pick up my photography interest again.

4. To wear sunscreen more before I go out under the sun. It is always so sunny here and the sun is always there unless it is night. I'll try to take better care of my skin.

5. Better time management.  So that I can sleep earlier without the need to stay up all night to finish up my assignments and have a better weekend free of work. :)

6. To be sociable. Not to be too shy among strangers.

7. To read a chapter of the Bible everyday to get closer to God.

8. Improve skills in speaking, drawing, writing etc.

9. No more procrastination. (Which I think is quite impossible/ hard)

10. To improve my CGPA. Spending more time on my assignments and lesser last minute passing up.


That is all for now I think! 


On the sideline: 

Kiwi cupcake/ mini muffins. :D
They are awesome!
My friend bought this for me from her Penang site trip.
(Mine was in Ipoh)
It looks like it's squished! haha! yes it is! I put it in my bag and it turned out like this! :D

Marina Bay 'Sand'
When I hear or see the word sand I would think of nice blue sea with  sand white sands
not forgetting palm trees!
Even though there isn't any sand here the name of this place really sounds like luxury.
btw. I'm rushing on my work but still I can do this. D:

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