Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Which one should I choose?


Most of my closer friends in my course wants to join this group because it is what they like to do and also the person in-charge of the group is someone we know and we're quite close to. Not only that, we won't know whether the other groups would just order us around and we would just know a part of what we're suppose to do only. But we may not learn as much as the other groups if we choose this group. And this group requires a lot of hand work and my hand work is poor. :(

But then,

There is another group who asked me whether I want to join their group or not. I told them that I would discuss with my friends and I'll get back to them. D:
I would like to join them.. :D But I don't know whether they would just push me aside and just keep all the stuff to themselves or they would not let us do much stuff or the stuff that we do would be in vain and they would only take the credit. :( I don't know them so I don't know whether I can do okay there. :(

How? How?
Which group should I go to? :(

I'm hungry.


My new desktop background! :D

It may now be so so nice but still okay ma.. :D

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