Monday, 4 July 2011

I'm in Campus!


Right now I'm in campus TO FIND MY SKETCHING BOOK! (yes sketching book! haha!)  that I left since last Wednesday... after my presentation... which I thought I took but  did not take and left there and now without a trace.


Darn it.. I can't find it..
I was there at around 9 or late 8 am and when I was looking for it half way through the whole studio suddenly someone was at the door.


Studio's 2 door was lock so I came in from Studio's 1 door and the person was trying to open Studio's 2 door quite hard.. and then went through Studio's 1 door.

Guess who was it?

Mr. Kid.

Aiyo.. why choose this time to come in to collect all those things that you would need for something else la....

When he came in I was in shock and I immediately told him the reason why I was there...

Hopefully he doesn't think that I am only passing up my things now...

What can I do What can I do??

I don't know what to do...
After going through the whole area to find my 2 sketch book..
I just went out because I don't know whether he would want me to say goodbye or not.


I can't find my sketch book, I can't find my sketch book, I can't find my sketch book!

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?
I have my whole semester of sketches in there........
Although there isn't much sketches.. but still MY DRAWINGS!


On a side note,
I'm in the mac lab in the library now...
and the keyboards and the mouse here looks very very dirty..
I wonder what the other students did until even the mouse it looks filthy..
But I am still using it..
Because I want to use a Mac okay? okay? happy?

Another side note,
Why would people want to sit beside me?
I think it is sort of awkward since there are so many Macs here and she chose to sit beside me..
Now another guy joins in with her..
and this sort of became awkward because I sort of became a light bulb or something..

so awkward........
I wanna scratch my hand but I can't because my hands are dirty!!

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