Sunday, 3 July 2011

I'm Free!!


My sem break is here! :D
Even though it is just a one month break it's better than nothing..

It started since last 29.06.2011, Wednesday! Well, after I passed up my portfolio on that day which is around 2 I think... so I guess Thursday is the official start date of my holidaaaaaaaaaaaays! X)
Reached home at 6.13 pm I think and went straight to bed until 7.30am in the morning...  :D
haha.. I know I sleep too long but it's considered little since I had so many 1-2 hours or no sleep at all days for that week.... :D

Well, this semester I did not do well, in my opinion, my results are not out yet...

I've thought of doing plenty of things before my holiday start but now here I am, not really remembering what I wanted to do...

oh well....

It's already 2.35 am and I am still not sleeping.............................
and I thought I would appreciate my sleep even more ever since all these sleepless nights.... but here I am when I need to wake up at 7.30 am tomorrow.. I mean today..

guess I'll go to sleep now...
these are the way things are
you can change tomorrow but not yesterday. :)
remember that.

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