Sunday, 1 May 2011

My legs!

I fell!
Last Friday (29th) going down the library stairs.

I was walking down from the forth floor to the third floor. I knew that there is another step more to the floor of the third floor, but my feet stretch a little too much and I fell- luckily in a sitting position :D while falling I almost twisted my right ankle but luckily it did not, it was bent during the fall so it needs some time to get back to normal (that is not counted as twisted right? since I can still walk... :D)

But then I woke up this morning with my right ankle and my left thigh (hamstring?) acting up.. D:
Now I am walking sideways down the stairs, walking with one leg tip-toed (right) the other as lightly as possible since it would hurt when I put too much force on my left leg.
Bending is another problem- it hurts.


Now when my feet gets numb I don't know what to do... D: double pain- since you need to move your legs so that the valve can push the blood from the leg to the heart and back.

Hopefully it gets better tomorrow! :)

church tomorrow! :)

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