Thursday, 14 April 2011

Let's see..

For this whole week I had been going back home only after 11 something, which I would reach after 12am.

I did not sleep yesterday (a lot of my classmates too) to finish up our creature scanning sketches.
I did no go back home yesterday and continued with the submission with my very oily hair (did not bathe because I did not go home) pined up with my blue sticker pin (either this or I let my very oily hair down D:).
We stayed up the whole night in our studio with volumes high up in the studio speakers.

Then, I came back (dozing off while I am driving, very very dangerously- I can't help it D:) at 1 something, slept till 3 something bathe and slept on the sofa, then my dad came back with durian, I ate it and watched tv (It has been so long tv!) and now, computer leisure.


After tomorrow's class everything would be well (I hope! :))
It's my one week break after this! yeah!
But first I need to finish up my work, so another sleepless night, after I finish watching my tv. X)
Creature scanning wasn't a choice but this, now, today's sleepless night is my choice.

Give and take as usual.
I meant everything I said in a good way. 
Don't think too much . Because I think too much and when I think too much I may have misunderstand what I think I understand from you facial expression.

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