Tuesday, 26 April 2011



this is me writing here to say that I am still surviving!

So it's the second day since my one week break.. and I have my CAD drawings to finish up!

let me see whether I have a nice picture to show you.. or not... :D
nope.. I only have them in pdf files... maybe I'll convert them later :)

Maybe I can print screen one for you now...

Here you go!
It look quite dull here... it looks better in on CAD. :D

that is the floor plan of my first studio last project- daydream space for self. :) well, it's not done yet...
The elevation that I drew wasn't there.. I guess I left it in school...

Studio was today! and I don't know what else to say...

Oh well... I guess that's all for today! better finish up my drawings first!

owh! hp pavilion gv6 or 7? or maybe another brand?

who knew having classes and staying in school that late would be a routine in my life. :) 

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