Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sem 2 starts tomorrow!

The title says it all... :(
So it's the end of my 3 months break...

oh well...

I'll be waking up early from now on....

5 subjects for this sem but I'll taking 6!
I'm not telling you why.. :D

that's all for now...


You know what?
I got sick after I came back from Singapore.. :( which was a Monday... (went there on the 19th, Sat came back on the 20th, Sun)
first, sore throat came, then a headache, then my vision became wobbly....
but the next day I was better!
better but still with a sore throat and some what running nose...
my voice apparently changed after that..
and now my throat is better but still with running nose with an extra cough and dryness of throat... D:
and also constant sneezing now and then...

I guess I'm gonna start school with this kind of condition.. :)

wish me well!

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  1. My semester started out with snow :( I'd catch a cold here and there. I wake up early every morning not because of class though, lol. I woke up early because of my niece, she less than two weeks old.