Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chinese New Year Eve!

As some of you may know...
I'm in Kuching now! :)
yeap, I'm spending my Chinese New Year in Kuching!
Because there is where my dad is from..

4 colourful turtles/ tortoise :)

this one has a watermelon- water lily- ish feel to it! It's so pretty in pink! :D

I just bought them! RM 10 for 4 from the pasar seni (art market?) near the waterfront...
they are so pretty and made out of clay.

Anybody wants them?
I'll be keeping the blue one for myself... :D

At this moment I've been hearing and seeing fireworks constantly popping out of the sky!
My cousin bought some for RM 400! but it wasn't the flower type, just the one-blink-it's-gone type! but awesome to have fireworks to play with..

When I was younger, we (my family) would travel back to Sarawak every Chinese New Year and my dad's brothers would come back and gather together.
We would have our Chinese New Year in my dad's hometown, Sri Aman then..
But now (and for the past few years), things are different, some of my dad's brother are not coming back here, so are their children, which are my cousins, did not come back too...

Well..., as I remember my childhood, since Sri Aman is a small and quiet town, without Internet in my grandparent's home, we could only resolve to card games, mahjong, firecrackers, constant drinking of random soft drinks and orange juice in a can that was in my grandparent's home, keropok ( fried fish/ prawn crackers) with acar (chili mix with vegetables?) and various type of Chinese new year cookies that my dad would buy back (he would not buy for us at any other time in the year) and others different types that others had bought..
We tend to rely on each other for entertainment purposes since it was pretty boring there..
and there was no air-conditioning in our room (only the eldest uncle has it) and the whole house would have the scent of old furniture and stuff..

Going to the toilet was always a challenge for my since it was always dark and creepy to me (one yellow light bulb hangs above you only.........) and I don't like getting my feet wet...

Playing firecrackers in a small town was fun! because plants surrounds us and we had the whole street to us since car don't pass by that often... and we would not be disturbing so much of our neighbour since majority of us play firecrackers.. :D

Being old, you (me lah) would always want to turn back time and enjoy the happy old memories...
but things change...
I have not seen my cousins and uncles and aunties for so long.............................................................
I hope we could gather together on more time.. even though some of us are not around anymore..

and I want someone to play cards with........ there is not enough of us to play......... :(

I don't know what I had crap above here..
it feels like they don't make sense....

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year Eve! :)
Reunion dinner!

How can a reunion dinner be one when not all of us are gathered together? :l
am I really such a bad influence...?
am I the one at fault for all these?

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