Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Baking Chinese New Year Cookies.

Guess what am I baking? :)

Butter with sugar and eggs

Beat till creamy


fold in flour

you'll get a dough. :)
put in fridge for 30 minutes.

Ready to be pressed out into shapes 

Dragon skin?

Here's the answer!
Pineapple tart ready! to be baked.

my army of pineapple tart skin. :)
the funny looking one is the last out so it looks a little odd! haha

this bunch are dragon cookies..

both of them are made using the same method.

easy to be made. :)
Basically, I rarely do any cookies...
I would just help my mum when she wants to bake them..
But this time I am the one to bake them! with my elder sister...
I remembered pineapple tarts being very hard to make but when I made it now it is so easy! :)

I'll blog about K.K another time since Chinese New Year is soooo near! :)

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