Saturday, 22 January 2011

K.K Day 2.

 I didn't know until I went through my photos again..
Here is the receipt from Day 1's dinner... :)
Day 2.
 This was for breakfast!
I wasn't feeling well still..
So we ate this..
Soto daging (meat) and it was very nice.
The chili given gave a nice punch too!

 pau for breakfast too!

 we stop by a small stall and bought some and it was nice!
donuts and salted fried buns the Chinese way (ham jim pang- in Cantonese)
It taste different from Kl... but still nice. :)
 and then we went to the jeti for some island hopping..

the jetty.

speed boats awaiting our arrival.. LOL
the nice blue sea~
 On the way to Manuka Island.
fishing boat.. fishing.. LOL
nice cloud! I mean nice weather!
 here we are.
 fishes greeted us like we were gonna give them food.. :D
the sand...

That's all for now! :)
It was around 9 something when we went island hopping..

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