Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Grilled Fish! X)
It was awesome!

Happy 2011 Everyone!!!

I'll try to update later- when I am free from my thoughts of what to do with my room on our BBQ evening! not night! LOL
We started the fire at around 5 or 4 something and then we ate until around 7.30 and the sky was still very bright then..

Basically after we ate until we could no longer eat anymore, I watch some tv, bathe and then streamed the Live MBC Music Festival..

It was quite smooth at first and then it got laggy-er and laggy-er.. LOL then it wasn't that enjoyable..

At least it wasn't as laggy as the SBS's one...

I actually wasted my time watching this show for the last few hours of 2010...

I was also doing a little research on which twitter picture upload was the best..
I sort of concluded with yfrog (comparing it with twitpic) but the thing is whenever I upload a picture on twitter through my phone the message that goes with it would not be there...
So I don't know what to do with it.. That's why I went back to twitpic for awhile..

time to go to bed....
goodnight everyone~


  1. Awwe nice blog

    That fish looks very delicious

  2. Thank you!
    yea it was very delicious..