Thursday, 20 January 2011

K.K Dinner Dishes.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia =K.K if you don't know what it means. :D I'm not teasing but some may not know it exists. :)

 this is a bucket of water with orange peel in it.
It's for you to wash your hands...
it's between this or their... ahem if you know what I mean. and the thing is I don't know where it is and you are to get your hands dirty if you really want to enjoy your seafood. :)

 they call it Sabah Veggie, or that is what we know it for...
it's fried with belacan..

 and here we have black pepper crabs!
 Fried Rice....~
 steam prawns! which cost rm 20 only! :) look at the amount they gave us...

 and this is the dessert!
It's coconut pudding and it cost RM 12.
It's big though... :D

this was the store where we ate.
I would suggest you to survey the area before sitting down and it is best if you can speak their language. :D
or you may be conned.. D:
there are a lot of stores there selling the same thing btw. it's competition for commission I suppose.. :)

The total bill for this dinner was less than RM 100... :D

That's all for dinner on the first day..

I went mountain climbing with my family the day before we went to KK.
My and my elder sis wanted to eat ice- cream from the near by night market...
and we ate it...
then, that night itself I had an unbearable stomach pain that I could not sleep for the whole night...
and then it was time to wake up and I brushed my teeth.
Then I vomited.. D:
yes. I thought it was only me.....
and then my elder sis came down saying she didn't want to go because she was puking the whole night.
and so she did not go.
But I did go but the pain was still in the same condition but I wouldn't want to miss going to KK. I want to go to that awesome beach!

Yes, I was looking forward to all the food!
and I went there having a stomach ache.
I ate those Chinese medicine in a tube where there is a lot of mini circle medicine in it that you SHOULD eat it at one shot. yes not eat them one by one if you don't know..... XD

I could only eat a little of the dinner.. :(
I could not even eat my favorite prawns to my heart is satisfied..
My appetite wasn't there even though the prawns was in front of me I could not eat them.. :(
but The dinner was nice.

That should sum up Day 1.
I'll update with Day 2? next time.. :D

one of the most horrid thing that had happened to me for the second time happened on the second day of my trip in KK. 
and yes, it spoilt my mood for the following 2 days.
and yes I cried over it.
I'll write about it in the following post. C:

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