Thursday, 2 December 2010

Now that I had come to think of it,

To: whoever it was that assessed my final project,

I still do not understand what you were trying to say. 'Goreng'? What goreng? =.= If you meant by me just simply making or mixing things up, I AM NOT OKAY? I was serious! I missed out that point so I was trying it point that out because it is important! That space is built according to my liking, I like the way is is orientated, the way it is! I like the way it is being all technical if you meant by me liking the surrounding and making the space so that I could look around and touch and smell technical and how I placed my space according to the sun technical CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT IS NOT TECHNICAL? I like it the way it is! I like it the way that is curvy on the side so that my laying down position that I am having is much more comfortable.

The way I see how you take my work is as if what I am doing is totally wrong.
You didn't look properly enough and you concluded with whatever you think it is. I should had spoke back so that you can really understand what I was trying to say but I didn't because I thought talking back would not be a good idea as you are assessing me.

the student you assessed that day.

Funny how my presentation took around 30 minutes whereas the other students took only 10-15 minutes.
I was trying to pronounce properly but I FAILED =.=
I was trying to speak in proper sentences but I FAILED. =.=
I had a sequence in my mind to present it and I went through it again and again but when I went it my mind lost it's memory and I don't know where to start from. =.=
I heard that the people who came and assessed us were working people in that field or something.
Oh well, at least I learnt something from this thing...

My self- esteem and confidence now is lower that it was before this presentation...

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