Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New Phone! X)

Muahahahhahahahhahahha... (x10000)
I finally got a new phone!

After losing my 1st new phone I finally got a new one! after almost a year?


Yep it's an iphone 4! You know how biased I am with Andriod phones but I ended buying this because I couldn't get the evo 4... but there's the new Samsung Galaxy S and the new Nexus S which is coming out!!
Oh well, I can't wait so I just got this phone...
The process of buying this phone is VERY irritating!
I practically went 4 times to TTDI maxis centre to get it but FAIL.
I went to the KLCC branch once but wasn't able to get it too......

I got it this this morning at around 11 something, closer to 12pm after the long waiting of 2 hours?
I got there at around 9 something and went round and round looking for a nice parking space while waiting for my turn to be called..
You do know how hard it is to find a decent parking there at normal times..

Oh well...........
Since I got it I'm playing with it now....
so bye for now! :D

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