Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas! :)

Hello everyone!


just a short update! I think... :D

I came back from my trip to JB and SG last Sunday and tomorrow would be a Sunday again!
This week has really gone by really REALLY fast..
BECAUSE I had been at home the whole time (except today) and I didn't realise time would pass by that THAT fast...


My nails has grown longer and I had painted new colours on it for 2 times..
You can see them on my twitter..
BTW I don't like long nails, I only like the look of them after I put a nail colour on...
Even typing on the keyboard is uncomfortable..

I guess I'll cut it after I remove this nail colour..
Maybe I'll post up how my nails look next time.. MAYBE.

Next Friday would be the end of this year.. D:
Time really flies...

I'll be flying to KK on the 3rd of Jan! with my family.

What else....................
I wanna go Singapore again!

I had made a list in my mind to where I should go first for shopping. yes SHOPPING.
1st, Sungai Wang + Lowyat
then One Utama then Singapore!
before the end of this year.
This is what I hope la.
But it seems a little impossible since my elder sis has class and my dad has work and my mum wouldn't want to go so many places at once (in a week) and my younger sis won't want to go Sungai Wang..... and Lowyat.
and my mum won't allow me to go out with my friends that much time in a week since we are gonna travel on the 3rd.....................

and last but not least:

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year
I want a new camera! yes another DSLR! :)

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