Wednesday, 15 December 2010



I am going to JB tomorrow! And I would be dropping by Singapore!

I really really want to bring my huge camera there but it would be another load for me to carry and I would need to keep an eye on another expensive thing apart from my phone, my ID, passport, money, etc.

Another thing is CPU graduation is tomorrow! I want to go..... But I made a choice to go to Singapore so I can't really complain...
Hopefully someone would record Wern's speech.:D

Besides that, I am blogging through my phone! No more needing the computer to do almost everything that has to do with the Internet. :D
But the thing is my parents now think that I am a phone addict. Well, I am sort of a game addict on the computer so now I have a touch screen, so it's a completely different way of gaming so it's gonna be addicting for awhile.. :D

I want to WORK. yes.
Who wants to work with me?

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