Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 is coming in a day! D:

I don't really know what to think about it....
What I know is I don't really want to go into it yet... But I am really "excited" and nervous for the coming year... D:
2010 has really been a year full of lots of things!
I got to know more new people, got to graduate from my pre-u course, got into a degree program etc.

I am actually blogging from my phone now and I don't know how to copy a picture into this from the web... So yea... No pictures for this post I suppose..

I have 2 more months of holiday left and I did not really used my time properly for this past month and my sleeping time is still a mess.. 2 more months to prepare myself for 2 semester of work load! Hopefully I would be ready for it when the time comes... :D

Should I work instead? I WAS planning to work at the Starbucks nearby but I didn't apply for it yet.. And who would really want to employ someone to work for less than 2 months?
Since I am going to KK this coming week and Sarawak during chinese new year and maybe my course would start at the end of February...

I WAS planning to do a somewhat a summary on my year here but since I couldn't get the computer for a while.. Yeap...
Maybe I could do it after I wake up later...
But I would need to prepare for tomorrow's BBQ! that I would be having with my family!

So tomorrow I would need to wake up earlier to marinate my seafood! With lots of chili and my chicken wings! With loads of soy sauce colored sauces and beef with loads of black pepper! XD
Prepare the fire and the space and the utensils, the need to buy more stuff etc.

Hopefully there would be a nice new year count down concert on then.. X)

Just in case I can't do the post tomorrow I'll say it first:
Happy New Year Everyone!!
Enjoy the last day of the year!
Happy 2011!!! :)

I still want my new camera! X)

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