Sunday, 14 November 2010

It's the end of the sem!

was the day before yesterday which was the 15th of November..
But I did not have a class on Friday so it was last Thursday, 14th of November...............

I have assignments still to pass up and this study week is not enough at all!!!!! :'(

I'm dying

I have my final building materials due this Tuesday
Friday- portfolio for building materials and Design Comm.
the following week is our finals and the following week of it is our last presentation and our portfolio as a whole is to be pass up by the 2nd of December..


My design studio design.... my design... my teachers kept asking me to change it and now I still can't come out with something and there is a mock trial for the presentation tomorrow which requires me to have my design's plan, elevation, section, etc. and a montage of it.. D:


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