Saturday, 9 October 2010


I am very inefficient in blogging!


Anyway, Our design studio group project is done!!! Wohoo!!
we presented last Wednesday and it was nice!
Well that was what people said la..

I was doing the lightings for the scenes and I don't know what is really going on *cough* due to all the stress loads I get from this project I became more and more blur when it came to the actual presentation day, blur as in the mind is blank, eyes not focusing on anything but the lights *dimming and brightening @_@* *cough* apart from the lights..
get it?
lol.. I don't know why I explain things in a why that only a few people understands..

During this project the stress on not being able to complete the site was HIGH! for me.. presentation day was a week away then and I already was sort of in a panicking state..
& the communication between leaders wasn't all that good... yeap... but still we all did it! LOL!

It was an awesome experience and if I had to go through with it again.. er... er... *no comment*
I like the part where we grew a deeper bonding with each other & stuff but not very much of the part where people were furious and stuff and some people who sort of added oil into the fire... and some of the irresponsibility of the group members.

I had times where people drives me up the wall too.. vice versa.. I think..
but all are forgiven..
since it was good.. lol
yea.. I'll take this as an experience..
It's really nice to know you guys... :)

It is really a good experience & I can't wait to see the videoooooooo~
Hopefully you can't see me in the video.. because you're not suppose to! lol.. hehe..

After the performance I received a lot of hugs from my group mates!
I love them!
Sadly me and my friend went to get my camera and by the time we got back they already took a group photos with the lectures..
But I did get to take a smaller group photos with the others..
I was still quite bur then.. I remember Aisha saying:" you don't wanna hug me?" lol.. yes I want to hug but my head was looking at my camera & I was still very blur then.. sorry If I didn't..

we did a group hug too but I didn't hug in because I was lazy to life my hands up... lol....

I even got compliments from doing the job right... XD

I love them!!

I don't know how to reply to them and it was sort of awkward for me.. should I say thank you only?
you wanna know what I wrote? look for it in my profile.. LOL

me like compliments!
gimme more!
hehe! XD

It really boosted me up after that.. :)
I need a lot assurance because I am a very insecure person...


What else?
I have so much work to pass up still even after this studio project..
Building materials (group project)
culture group project

and these are no mini work.. they are days and days of work!

work work work...

But I spent a lot of time youtubing Shinee.. :(
lol yes I still like Shinee and I think they should have a few weeks break after that Lucifer song.. but here they are making another Hello Hello song... LOL
putting so much work load on them makes me don't wanna support them because they are suffering from it.. LOL

Win Shi's open house later~:)

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