Monday, 27 September 2010


the time now is 7.52pm...

and I am still in Lakeside.. because we are to test the lighting for our performance today.. now.. at 7pm..

Well, today class ended at 4pm and there was a 3 hour gap between 4 am 7pm.
So I didn't know what to do.. Since I lost 3 of my pens last week.. T.T
I decided to go to Sunway to buy some pens and eat my dinner there..
But then, I only had RM 20 in my wallet... T.T

I wanted to cash out from my atm card.. but I forgot my pin... T.T

My friend suggested me to go back home and freshen up..

You know..
I had some evil dream this morning..
I was so tired when the alarm rang at 6.30 am and so I snooze my alarm for 9 minutes and went back to sleep..
This morning's tiredness was very very different.. from all the other tiredness I had la..

I woke up and went back until it was 7.30am.. and class starts at 8pm..

The weirdest thing is that I was having a nightmare and every time I went back to sleep the nightmare continues but I was too tired to get up so I rather let the nightmare continue..


I woke up and drove to school like I didn't sleep the whole night... but I did and I slept at 10 something pm..

oh well...
and now I am here being not able to go home and sleep or whatever...


Well they are done.. I better go...


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