Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Good Day everyone!

Later today my older sis is gonna bring her boyfriends back... D:
Not like he never came here before but this time he is staying for dinner!


and me and my younger sis is gonna cook dinner because my mum is out doing some stuff..

Anyway, today I want to blog about.. food!
I found out that food looks much more appealing with flash.. :D
let me give you an example:

less appealing..

more appealing..

In my opinion food looks better when it is taken with flash.. :D with my camera la..

Today I'll rate two kinds of biscuits that we had bought from Tesco... which was pack with people on a Sunday afternoon! not forgetting dirty.. comparatively to the others.. I think.. Look at the ceilings.. the air-conds are already black and they still don't clean it.
the air feels stale like the place had not been cleaned for years! and I don't even want to push the trolley because it feels dirty..

1st product:
not moulded properly.. (the side of the biscuit does not belong to the shape)

Apart from being burnt and not shaped properly, some of them are thinner than the others and some you can't even see the shape of the teddy bear.. :( Last time it was nice.. but now.. it's not... burnt biscuit... it taste bitter and you still put it in? :(

Conclusion: it was awesome last time but not it is not. should put more effort in making it shape like a bear & control la the thickness of it so they wouldn't get burnt. The taste still can makan la..

2nd product:

It taste awesome! currently the best this type of spicy seaweed rice crackers I had ever had...
sometimes it taste like there is nestum in it but it's still nice.. :D

conclusion: should be bought again and again.. :D it tastes nice- spicy & sweet & salty. It also have a reasonable amount of seaweed on it.. :D

more pictures of my nails!
I love them!
Even though I didn't paint them nicely but they turn out pretty good..
and I prefer putting it without the 3rd layer because the 3rd layer seem to make the polish bubbly looking.. not nice to see & touch..

my younger sis's! I painted it for her... XD but she cleaned the sides and put on the 3rd coat herself...

I miss you guys..
I went around stalking my new classmates on facebook today.. XD

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