Monday, 6 September 2010


I painted my nails chili red...
and it looks a bit aunty... haha...

I wanted to paint another brighter red but I only have this red so I just used this..
The more I look at it the more I like it.. hehe.. XD

I had never tried red before.. so yea..

Well today marks the first day of my holiday!
and I ate and watch tv and didn't do any homework..

Anissa's part last Saturday was awesome!
haha.. we had fun!

and the 3pm Waiting for Godot play.. we went in late so we don't really know what is going on.. I prefer Black and White Variation.. :D

My first project for my design studio class.. the mask project, it sucks...
I didn't have enough time to finish it and I can only blame myself for it.
I embarrassed myself on the presentation day...
I didn't know how I looked like and I don't wanna know.. but I just saw my photos and I don't like it at all.. it look distorted and it does not stand by itself that's why I need a long cardboard thing to support it...

and the teacher said we would get penalize if the mask cannot stand by itself...



It is my fault that I didn't check how I look like before taking the picture or think to cover the back with my hair... to cover the stapler part. I tried to look at myself but i can barely see because of the mask blocking me..

I can't think at that time.. =.=
I didn't eat anything that day and just went to sleep.. I think I blogged about it before.. I am not sure..


I kept running away from the fact that I can't see my friends that often anymore since majority of them are furthering their studies somewhere far away .. and I always kept it positive that they'll remember me, we can still have an awesome time someday in the future.. But I don't even dare talk to them that much because I don't want to have a breakdown or anything ever since the incident between me and one of my close friends.. but people moved on and now I am gonna go home and cry my heart out.
People I miss you.

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