Wednesday, 22 September 2010

2 weeks!

2 weeks since I blogged.. hehe..

why? because I bought a dairy! yes, a dairy!
after reading May's post I wanted to try it out.. I suppose I can express myself better in words and understand it more compared from just leaving that though in my brain and not really finalizing everything..
So I bought a dairy book before Vim's Farewell party, 9.9.2010.
and I try my best to write in my dairy whenever I am not very tired before I really go to bed.
and I've been writing in there very very frequently..
every time there is something bothering me I'll just write it down...

So what is going on in my life?
1st, I will not post any photos.. because I am lazy to clear the memory in my cameras.. DX
and it's not with me right now...

Okay today, I went to school at 8am, ate in the studio tuna sandwich and I start cutting strips and strips of white eva foam sheets and then after cutting a few of them I started folding it..
We worked from 8am to 4pm with a few short breaks in it..
Well it was quite fulfilling.. knowing we did this much but we still have a lot to go..

We are folding foam sheets for out performing stage.. so yea!
Come see us when we are presenting! hehe.. it will be awesome! :D
We'll be presenting on the 6th of October so do come and watch.. hehe..
We spent a lot of time on it.

We still have a lot more of cutting and folding to go..

yes it is one of our big group projects.. :D

I came back very very exhausted...

So I went online and now I am blogging...

I still have my La Point drawings to go.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..... T.T

Everything will be awesome! (assuring self)

Apart from that, I am lazy also la.. to blog... that's why you don't see me blogging about those stuff that I go to..

Besides that, I am really really into the Korean Wave!

1st, 2pm!

Now, Shinee!


I still do like 2pm but now I like Shinee too!
I really really want to watch youtube now but I can't.. or else I can't do any work..
I am trying my best to wait till my December 3 months break!



LOL Now listening to: Vanilla Lucy- French Love (English ver.)
they are good. they are different from common korean groups, they have 3 girls playing the cello, violin and the english horn (I think) and a vocalist..
So it seem nice and different and sort of awesome.. :D they are almost there but not yet.. hehe.. XD

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