Monday, 2 August 2010


I am still in Lakeside... even when my lecture for today ended at 12 something....

Because I didn't drive today because my mum wants to use the car and so I followed my sis to school...

She said she'll fetch me at 2 something.. Its already 2 something but she is not here yet...

I am bored here..
The only thing that I can think of here in Lakeside is food..

Food really draws my attention here...
BUT they are not very nice... just edible..
The only thing that I like here is the waffle...

So today was the 1st day of our classes..
We are gonna separated into group a and group b for different time for our classes...
Group A would be the earlier on and group B would be the later one..

and my friend just called me and said that we're in Group A!
So I can go back home earlier... :D
and I won't need to go to the divisional office to try to change my timetable... :D

For our first project for our Architecture Design Studio we would be making a mask a size that can range from your chest and above.
Well it can go all the way to the back of your head like those Lady gaga type-ish.
A mask that would express yourself and you need to wear it.

and after that we would be paired up according to the type of mask we are gonna make and created a suitable stage for whatever type of performance you want to do. (eg. dancing... D:)

and this Wednesday we would be drawing our own portrait using charcoal and drawing block. D:
I can barely draw a real-ish human.. and I don't really know the basics of it.
How am I gonna draw myself...

Architecture culture and history was boring at first, but the it became interesting later when all those different kind of building come up.
History is not bad after all... :D

So my timetable would be:
Mon: 8am-4pm
Tue: 10am- 5pm
Wed: 8am to 1pm
Thurs:10am- 12pm
Fri: 8am- 2pm

No that bad ei?
Well if I am in Group B or having my Lan classes I would be finishing classes at 7pm.. D:
So, luckily I am not :D

My subjects for this sems are:
Architecture Design Studio 1
Architecture Culture & History 1
Building Materials and
Design Communication

Luckily I took my Lan subject already so I don't need to do them again... :D

I can't wait to start designing but will inspiration come to my rescue? D:

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