Monday, 2 August 2010


The 3rd post of the day... XD
Since I have time on my hands I might as well blog instead of facebooking and you-tubing all the time...

I wanted to change my blog's skin...
but all the blogger template is not to my liking..
So I'll just leave it as it is first until I suddenly find one that I really like then I'll change it... XD

Do you know that I have never changed my blog skin before?
It is still the same old colour until now...
Except for the fonts la...

Well, I am at McDonald's again.. waiting for my sis to finish her class so I can fetch her home and I can go home..

Since I am in McDonald's let me talk about it... :D

I like this... :D I always change the coffee to milo but the milo is not nice..

I remember drinking a few cups of this while trying my best to finish reading Life Of Pi.. I was very exhausted so I drank and it is nasty I prefer the ones in mamak stores so much more.. At night, I fell asleep when I was reading the book but the coffee woke me up every now and then then and it was such a torture- I can't sleep and I can barely open my eyes to read that I don't dare touch it ever again..
I saw the change in the packaging so maybe they change their coffee beans and they taste better? I don't know and I wanna try it again but I still am not over that "torture".*shivers*
McValue meals anyone?

I don't like coke but if you give it to me I'll take it..
I don't like the fries either... The only thing I like is the cheese in the double cheese burger and the spiciness of the McDeluxe burger and the ayam goreng.

Would you like to eat this?

Well it costs rm3 I think it's one of the cheapest burger here..
I would rather buy a Ramli burger special. :D
Happy Meal?

I think this is a total rip-off.. It shouldn't cost this much.
The kid may not even be full but maybe they would be happy with the new bought toy to forget that they are hungry.

Apple pie... Well generally I don't like apple pie. I prefer fresh apples... :D

I love this! Especially when it is melting.. :D
for a lip smacking chocolaty experience.. LOL

Basically what I don't really like about McDonald is they lack variety in their snacks section.
Not nice fries.
They should have some variety like kfc they have different sort of snack which is so attractive.
When I come to McD I would be eating whole meals not light snacks..
So if they have more of them I think I would attract much more people to their drive-thru.

I do not like kfc drive-thru at all. So inefficient. =.=

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