Saturday, 13 February 2010

Nexus One~~~~

My Dad's Nexus one has come~~~!

I'll post up some pics of it later...


Hopefully I can have it.... one day...



My younger sis won a Adam Lambert CD! from Red. fm!

Will post up pics about it tmr~

Today was Carmen Then's farewell...
She's going to Australia this Sunday midnight...
Yes during the 1st day of CNY...

I wish you all the best Carmen!!!

We went to St. Mary at 1st..
We saw Pn. Lim, Pn. Raja, Pn. Chang, Pn. Ng, Ms. Goh, Pn. Suraya, Pn. Liew, Pn. Tan and Pn. Chan!


After that we went to 1U and ate in BBQ Plaza and I went home.. whereas they continue shopping...

That's all for now~
Gd night~~!

I started my holidays since today!!
Lots of my friends went back to their hometown..
and I am stuck in KL..
nope we are not going back to Sarawak......

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