Sunday, 14 February 2010

Campaigning! for SC!

We campaigned from Tuesday to Thursday~~
It's very short..
I dunno why Mr. Craig needs to do it like this...
Its not bad or something...
But it is very rush!!!

Look at our posters... XD

And as you can see below our poster...
We do not waste papers like A- levels do...
Because we combined our poster and save cost+ paper!
Where as the A-levels student stick the whole bulletin board with all their paper... @_@
wasted money+ papers....

We are environmental friendly...

And these are my badges!!!!
he he..
It is not as nice as May's badge but still..
Its not bad looking just...
not so good looking that's all..
I made around 3-4 A4 sizes...

This is May's badge as you can see...XD

The posters cost Rm 56...
and we split it into 5..
so It cost Rm 11.40 each... XD
and the A4 sizes.. Rm 1.50 per A4...
so.. Rm 6.... XD

Its a very reasonable price... XD for the A4.. because I printed it in high quality.... XD

You may be asking..
Why suddenly eclipse mint?
he he..
So if anyone asks:" What would I get if I vote for you?"
ha ha.. joking....

I will put my effort into it..
I will be committed to it...
I'll try my best!

So vote for me..!

Ha ha..
voting was over last Thursday..
and we will know the results after the CNY break..
which is this coming Thursday...

Hopefully I get a post in Student Council... ^^

On last Thursday itself, 11th February 2010,
After my Calculus test...
We went to this new restaurant...
Citrus Cubic?
I think it is call like that...

Chris... Chris... XD

after Calculus test I feel like vomiting... @_@
So i decided to eat this..
this is a snowball...
looks like one?
but it is called Snow Ball...
I have no idea why..
They have small crunchy choco balls and chocolate sauce in it...
nice.. but after a while not so nice..

Calculus test..
yes it was a easy test... for the others..
for me.. I know how to do all of them except one..
I had decided to flunk this test..
but really..
If you don't score 100 for this.. I do not know what to say...
but for me an A would be good enough...
everyone is working so hard for Calculus!!
except for me....

So basically this happened in last week...
And focally focused to last Thursday.. 11th February 2010...

This post was actually supposed to be posted on last Friday...

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